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Chamomile Infused Oil

CW Apothecary's Chamomile infused oils are made from heating (infusing) dried Chamomile Herb at a very low heat for 3 days. We use Hemp Oil with a little coconut oil and vitamin E as our carrier oil of choice.  It's a great way to use Chamomile topically for an anti-inflammatory, and calming irretated skin.. Chamomile Infused Oil is naturally absorbed through the skin and can act as a medium to carry herbal constituents deeper into the body. We have had great luck with our Chamomile infused oils and now available to you.

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Cw Apothecary Chamomile Infused Oil is made from dried Chamomile infused in Hemp Seed Oil - Virgin, Coconut Oil - RBD, and Vitamin E Natural Non GMO Oil. This Chamomile infused oil has a number of skin benefits and contains powerful anti-oxidants. Chamomile Infused Oil when applied to the skin treats acne, and acne scars, soothes and relaxes irritated skin
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